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Richard J. Krysztoforski (he/him/his) is an internationally trained improviser with nearly a decade’s worth of experience. He has studied and performed at Upright Citizens Brigade (NY/LA), Reckless Theatre (NY), Magnet Theater (NY), IMPRO Amsterdam Festival, and ImproFest in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has worked with master instructors Anders Fors (Sweden/NY), Jason Geary (Australia), Jill Bernard (Minnesota), Elana Fishbein (NY), Amey Goerlich (LA/NY,) Peter McNerney (NY,) Daniel Orrantia (Columbia), and many more.

Check out what other improvisers have said about Richard:

“Lightning rod that powers the scene.” -Jill Bernard

“[Has] two types of scenes- good scenes and great scenes.” -Peter McNerney

“The glue that holds a team together.” -Anders Fors

Richard is available for improv coaching and can be seen performing at various venues in New York City.


In his professional development work, Richard updates classic professional development techniques through applied improvisation, placing particular emphasis on reducing the anxiety and fear that comes with career related exploration. The result is a “fun over fear” approach that allows individuals to engage in their own personal and professional development with confidence, clarity, and peace of mind.

Most Recently:

Richard was the Applied Improvisation Network 2019 Conference Programming Chair.

Along with Karl Spurzem, Richard hosts It’s Not Good: a good podcast about bad things. The world is full of bad music, awful movies, and other irredeemable garbage. They’re just trying to figure out why and how, so you don't have to.

In addition, Richard hosts and produces Defense Mechanisms: a podcast about how we cope. Defense Mechanisms investigates the different ways we process emotions, handle traumas, solve problems, and deal with this strange and complex world. In each episode, Richard Krysztoforski and a guest share their own defense mechanisms and coping strategies.

He has seen Nine Inch Nails in concert 33 times as of October 2018.


Richard is a cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2010, and in remission since January 2011. In late 2018 he was diagnosed with schwannomatosis, a diagnoses unrelated to his prior cancer diagnoses. In short, schwannomatosis causes tumors to grow on the peripheral and spinal nerves, causing chronic pain and occasional mobility issues. Schwannomatosis is an extremely rare genetic disorder, affecting 1 in 1.7 million people.