Fun over fear.

Improv Workshops

Fun Over Fear

Improv schools spend hours teaching you form, technique, tricks and games. Improv schools do not teach you how to find yourself on stage, how to relax, how to improvise.

This workshop will help you develop stage presence, confidence, and remove the fear of the unknown that is inherent with improv. Learn how to truly improvise in the moment with ease and fluidity. Learning objectives of the workshop include- stronger understanding of where your fear and anxiety comes from, how they manifest in your play, and how to improvise so that your fun drives your play rather than the fear of making the 'wrong' move.

Cat’s Cradle

A fluid, unfolding symphonic long-form improv of living environments with all performers onstage and active the entire set.

Cat’s Cradle is a flexible structure that can take many different forms. For those unfamiliar with the form, the cat's cradle-

  • blends characters, narrative, and game into one seamless improv set

  • has edits that are organic and show specific. no two cat's cradle sets have the same edits

  • is a mix of slow and fast paced scenes

  • can range in genre, theme, and mood within one show

  • relies on dynamic stage placement and character blocking

  • is a boatload of fun.

Trust Yourself and the Audience Will Follow

Jess Kelley-Madera and I co-teach Trust Yourself and the Audience Will Follow, a workshop that focuses on helping improvisers develop a confident stage presence and reduce fear-based play. Through this workshop, students develop a stronger understanding of where their fears come from, how they manifest in their play, and how to play so that their curiosity and fun drive the play rather than their fear. We have developed this curriculum over the course of several months (and years of being very anxious people ourselves!) and are currently teaching it in New York City. 

Feedback for Trust Yourself and the Audience Will Follow:

"Richard and Jess create such a warm and genuine environment, it’s impossible not to be open and want to connect. With such a gentle touch, they take you to a really vulnerable place, challenging you to be honest, simple and kind to yourself. Everyone in the class had this peace and openness about them to share ... It was incredibly moving, and all possible because of the special space Richard and Jess made for us. Thank you!" - Leemore M.

"I think that this is a "must" for every single person who ever sets foot on a stage to perform improv. I genuinely mean this. You won't know that you're missing it until you experience it." - Charlie S.

"This workshop was enlightening and different from a lot of what you experience in standard improv training in NY. The things we worked on would help any improviser, whether they are naturally anxious, anxious on stage, or not anxious at all. ... Gonna miss Jess & Richard." - Jack